Simo Benbachir on the Set of “The Bold and the Beautiful”

The Moroccan journalist and showbiz star Simo Benbachir, managed to get behind the scenes of the legendary series “The Bold and the Beautiful”, known in Morocco as “Top Models”, and to collect statements from his heroes on behalf of the channel “Arab News” for which he works as a journalist in the United States.

Simo’s camera was the first Arabian camera to win the opportunity to watch one of the episodes of this world-famous series, which has enjoyed a large audience in Morocco and the Middle East for a long period of more than thirty years. The person who accompanied Simo on the CBS studio tour was none other than the famous American actress Katherine Kelly Lang, the star of the television series, known to the public as Brooke, the character that made her an icon and a model of beauty and seduction for many years.

Accompanied by Katherine Lang, Simo first visited the make-up room where the actors undergo the final touches before shooting. He then went to the studio, where he was a guest in the living room of Brooke Logan’s house herself, where the most famous scenes were filmed, despite the fact that shooting had already begun. Thus, they were led to speak in a low voice in order not to disturb the shooting.

Simo attended several scenes in the series and filmed several exclusive sequences. He also collected statements from many heroes, including actor Don Diamont, who told Simo: “I spent 23 years in the show. It’s unbelievable. This series took me a lot of time, but I like it. »

Dren Brooks, one of the champions of the series, told Simo: “Thanks to this series, we travel a lot around the world. We have filmed in many countries in the Middle East, France, Italy and other countries. It’s really fun. We have become a real family; we know everything about each other. »

Katherine Lang, who has joined the series since its first episodes 30 years ago, told Simo: “It is an honor to be part of this series. It’s a difficult job that takes up most of my time, but I’m well paid. Regarding her message to viewers and audiences in the Middle East and the Arab world, she told Simo: “I thank and greet all Arab fans. I thank you with all my heart for your support, without it we would not have succeeded. »

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