Slat Al Fassiyine Synagogue: A Witness to Jewish Culture in Morocco

The Slat Al Fassiyine Synagogue is one of the oldest synagogues in Morocco. It was built in the 17th century in Fez, before being neglected afterwards.

The Slat Al Fassiyine Synagogue is located in the center of the city of Fez, near the Mirinide fortress, and more precisely in the famous Mellah district, where the city’s Jewish community has lived, shared its rituals, culture and identity for centuries and has been protected by the Sultans of Morocco.

A true architectural jewel, the synagogue has been classified among the most beautiful synagogues in Morocco, along with other temples, including the Beth El synagogue in Casablanca.

After years of neglection, this synagogue was transformed into a carpet-making workshop and then a gym, but it has never lost any of its aura as a place of worship or its beauty as an architectural work.

Thanks to the efforts of the Moroccan Jewish Cultural Heritage Foundation, and with the support and encouragement of His Majesty King Mohammed VI, it was decided to restore this synagogue. Work began in the mid-1990s after raising the necessary funds, some of which were provided by the German government, in addition to the Jewish community of Fez, the Jack Toledano Foundation, Serge Berdugo, his son Jack and Simon Levy’s family.

The Slat Al Fassiyine Synagogue, considered one of the historic monuments of Jewish culture, opened its doors years ago in a new light. A large number of Moroccan, Jewish and Muslim personalities, headed by former Head of Government Abdelilah Benkirane, who considered that the restoration and reopening of the Slat Al Fassiyine synagogue was a significant event and a clear proof of Moroccan values of coexistence, peace and religious and cultural openness.

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