Mokhtar El Jebli: You Need to Invest in Knowledge to Succeed

In the new episode of Nayda in Hollywood, a 360 program, Simo Benbachir welcomed the Moroccan entrepreneur Mokhtar El Jebli, who came to the United States from Rabat to realize his American dream.

Mokhtar El Jebli was born in 1992 in Rabat. He graduated from the International University of Rabat, then went to Paris, where he spent three years in an engineering school, before returning to America where he completed a one-year internship with a company before entering the real estate world, as he told to Simo.

Mokhtar El Jebli went through difficult times during his stay in Uncle Sam’s country. His doctrine in life was discipline and concentration. He did not have the opportunity to own a house or a car as he had dreamed. He did not speak English well, which prevented him from entering the business world, he told Simo. “I wasn’t well paid. I had to find another way to make money. I was very tired and went through some very painful experiences before becoming what I am today. »

Mokhtar El Jebli’s career in the business world and his success in the real estate field have led him to transcribe his experience in a book published under the title “The first million dollars I made in the real estate world” and to give lessons to those who want to enter this field and lack experience.

Mokhtar El Jebli talked to Simo about his early days, saying that he and his Moroccan friend were renting a two-room house. They decided to live in one room and rent the second. This room was in demand that its income allowed them to pay the rent for the entire house, and to save the remaining amount.

Subsequently, Mokhtar El Jebli joined the global participatory economy network and began to develop his business until he became the owner of a network of houses, apartments and residences in California, which he rents to travelers and tourists. Today, he is preparing to transfer his experience to Morocco.

Regarding his advice to young Moroccans wishing to succeed in the United States, Mokhtar El Jebli answered Simo’s question in this regard that he has three tips. The first is to be positive and invest in knowledge no matter what. The second is to value time and not waste it on things that do not serve our purposes. The third is to surround yourself with people who are similar to you and who have the same vision, ambitions and goals in life.

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