Moroccan Boxer Moussa Gholam Wins an Intercontinental Title

The Moroccan boxer, Moussa Gholam, won Saturday evening in Barcelona, the intercontinental competition WBO (World Boxing Organisation) of the super featherweight (59 kg), by knocking out the Thai Suriya Tatakhun in the 10th round.

The experience of the 33-year-old Thai, a living legend of Asian boxing, was felt from the very beginning of the fight, since he managed to keep the distance in his favour, while limiting the movements of the Moroccan boxer. A strategy that will soon be thwarted in the third round. Moussa Gholam (24) took the lead by putting more pressure on his opponent, with fast combinations followed by staggered withdrawals and changes of angles.

Having put his opponent in difficulty, Moussa Gholam exposed Suriya Tatakhun in the following rounds, thwarting his guard and inflicting several combinations on him, until he pushed the referee to intervene and put an end to the fight in the 10th round. Moussa Gholam wins the second title of his career, after winning the World Boxing Council (WBC) World Junior Belt last February.

Thanks to this new success, Moussa Gholam makes his entry into the Top 100 in the world, and signs a clear record of 15 victories in 15 fights.

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