Thousands of Moroccan Jews Go on Pilgrimage to the Tomb of Rabbi Pinto

Thousands of Moroccan Jews from all over the world flocked to Essaouira to visit the tomb of their chief rabbi, Haïm Pinto, in order to receive his blessing.

Many of these Jews are followers and disciples of Rabbi Yoshiyahu Pinto, who led the delegation of Moroccan Jews and who initiated this blessed visit through which “Rosh Hodesh Kislev” was celebrated.

Even though many of these Moroccan Jews who are part of the delegation have already visited Morocco several times, the country of their ancestors, the fact remains that others are visiting for their first time. Among them are religious and businessmen from all over the world. They told the Moroccan media that their visit will be repeated in the future, particularly following the warm welcome they received from their Moroccan brothers. They also thanked Morocco, a country of safety and security, whose officials ensure that such visits are organized under the best possible conditions.

Rabbi Yoshiyahu Pinto, who lives between Morocco and the United States, where he is being treated, was greeted with applause and acclaim from the Jewish community in Essaouira, before giving a Torah lecture at Rabbi Haïm Pinto’s residence and then visiting his grave with his disciples, where they read from the Torah in his memory. At the end of their visit, they made vows for His Majesty King Mohammed VI and all members of the royal family.

It should be recalled that a few months ago, Yoshiyahu Pinto was appointed President of the Rabbinical Court at the Beth-El synagogue in Casablanca, in the presence of members of the Moroccan Jewish community and representatives of the Moroccan authorities.

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