Rabbi Pinto Supervises Halal Slaughter and Reassures Jews as Pesach Approaches

A few days ago, Moroccan Rabbi Yoshiyahu Pinto visited the Jewish slaughterhouse in Casablanca, where he personally supervised the slaughter of a number of animals, according to Jewish rituals, before distributing the meat in a number of Jewish butcher shops, with the aim of providing “kosher” meat to his community on the occasion of Passover, which will be celebrated for a week, starting on April 8.

Through this initiative, the Rabbi, who holds the position of President of the Rabbinical Court of Moroccan Jews, intends to reassure the latter about the availability of halal meat on this occasion, especially after the introduction of emergency health measures in Morocco as a means of combating the spread of Coronavirus, given that many halal food stores and bakeries owned by Jews, have been forced to close, raising fears that they will not be able to find halal food for this religious occasion.

The Rabbi of Morocco played an important role during this critical phase that Moroccans are going through because of the epidemic. Thus, he made a point of listening to them and communicating with them on all religious matters that concern them, dedicating a telephone number to advise those in need, after the closure of the temples where they could be welcomed and take advantage of religious conferences.

Thus, in accordance with the health emergency measures in the Kingdom, the grandson of the famous Rabbi Haim Pinto, who is buried in Essaouira, called for the need to comply with preventive measures and respect for the laws and national decisions taken to deal with this epidemic, considering such behavior to be an effective means of containing the spread of the virus. However, he called for not to panic and for civilized behavior, ensuring social distancing and health containment for the safety of all.

Rabbi Pinto posted a video on Facebook and Instagram in which he praised His Majesty King Mohammed VI, considering that his many dissimilarities from other kings make him a saint. No one else can reach his rightful place, especially in view of his continued efforts to better serve his people. He also stated that HM King Mohammed VI, does not hesitate to make every effort to ensure that the Jews have everything they need. He ensures the preservation of their burials, while allowing them to have Halal (Kashrut) food at their disposal. The Rabbi also urged all Jews to make donations to the “Israel Shova” fund so that these donations can be redistributed to the needy, considering it a responsibility and duty for every member of the community.

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