Granada: Queen Letizia of Spain Opens an Exhibition Dedicated to Amazigh Arts

Organized in close collaboration with Mrs. Leila Mezian Benjelloun, President of the Leila Mezian Foundation, this exhibition features nearly 300 works, many of which come from Mrs. Mezian Benjelloun’s private collection.

The aim of this exhibition entitled “La Granada Zirí del siglo XI y el universo Bereber” (The 11th century Granada Ziri and the Berber universe), is to promote the Berber culture and the profound influence it has had on the Iberian peninsula in Andalusia.

Jewellery from the different regions of Morocco, ceramic and basketry works, pottery, carpets, textiles, embroidery but also weapons from different periods and highlighting the history and cultural heritage of the Amazighs… So many pieces that make the richness and diversity of Moroccan culture and which are now on display in Granada.

This journey to the heart of Amazigh culture will continue until April 21 before giving way to another large-scale project, this time with a long-term perspective: a large permanent museum of Amazigh arts will be installed in the Alhambra gardens in Granada, at the initiative of Mrs Mezian Benjelloun.

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