Radwan Ramdani: The Number One Influencer in Moroccan Media

Today, he is one of the most influential names in the media world and on social networks. He has thousands of followers, just as he is one of the few journalists who has been able to surpass the “influencers”, not with erotic images or videos, but rather with serious content, bold dialogue and intelligence in the choice of guests and subjects.

This is Radwan Ramdani, from the village of Tafoughalt, on the outskirts of Berkane in the eastern region, where he spent his childhood and part of his primary and secondary education before moving to Rabat, where he continued his studies at the Institut supérieur de l’information et de la communication, he joined in 1997, and spent 4 years there before moving to Casablanca, where he worked in many media outlets.

The written press is his first love. He spent a short period at the newspaper “Al Ahdath al maghribia” before being attracted to the newspaper “Assabah”, where he specialized in the political field and distinguished himself through numerous articles and interviews with important personalities, thus consolidating his reputation in the journalism world. Many people still remember his long interview with the late Driss Benzkeri, President of the Equity and Reconciliation Commission, shortly before his death.

Ramdani also carried out responsible assignments with the newspaper “Al-Sabahiya” and the weekly newspaper “Nichan”, before deciding to embark on the radio experience, when he accepted an offer to join the team of “Med Radio”, a channel where he will enjoy fame thanks in particular to his show “Fi kafass alittiham” (in the box of the defendants), through which he received high-ranking politicians and celebrities, as well as artists and social media stars, before deciding to stop this program and replace it with another on the same channel, called “with no wooden language”.

And if some of Ramdani’s followers on social media throw slanderous accusations at him because of his firm stance on certain artistic or political issues, the fact remains that he is respected by many politicians and journalists who recognize him as competent, excellent and credible, in a media universe that is now full of fake journalists who understand nothing about this profession.

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