Nouamane Lahlou: The Well-Educated and Committed Artist

Nouamane Lahlou was born in Fez in 1965. He lived for a period of his life in Casablanca and Rabat. At a very young age, he left Morocco to the United States of America, where he worked as a singer and musician playing the Oud in the Moroccan pavilion of Walt Disney, Orlando, before moving to Los Angeles. Later, and on the advice of the Arab music giant, Mohammed Abdel Wahhab, who was impressed by his voice, he emigrated to Egypt, the Hollywood of the East.

Nouamane Lahlou’s stay in Egypt was highly successful. Thanks to his abilities and talent, he has been able to establish himself among the greats of the Egyptian artistic scene. Also, Egyptian radio and television have adopted him as a singer, just as he sang at the opera house, where only giants have access to it. But he preferred to return to his native country, as he was always convinced that fame and celebrity can only be achieved by starting from the local level to reach the universal.

Nouamane Lahlou became famous thanks in particular to his song “Baladi Ya Zin Al-Baldane”, which became a kind of second national anthem that Moroccans hum wherever they go, as well as thanks to his duo with the great artist Latifa Raafat, entitled “Jibal Al Atlas”.

Nouamane Lahlou is very proud of his country. Patriotism is strongly present in his work. He acts as an extraordinary ambassador for his country throughout the world. He sings about the beauty of Moroccan cities, their history and culture. This is particularly the case of Wazzan, Fez, Essaouira, Marrakech, Tangier and Tafilalet, in addition to Chefchaouen, to whom he dedicated his famous song “Ya Chefchaouen ya Nouara”. He also dedicated a beautiful song to Zagora called “Ya laghzala ya Zagora.”

Nouamane Lahlou is an artist, well educated, elegant and committed. He is very conscious of the quality of the lyrics of his songs, which he writes himself, just as he carefully selects the themes he addresses. Thus, his songs evoke social phenomena such as illegal immigration, street children, cancer and environmental issues, the most beautiful song of which is “Al Ma”.

Nouamane Lahlou is also a distinguished composer and musician. He has composed for great Moroccan artists such as Naima Samih, Latifa Raafat, Hayat Al-Idrisi, Karima Skali and Fouad Zbadi. He also composed for the great Lebanese singer Wadia Assafi.

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