Nouamane Lahlou Launches a Song About Coronavirus

The artist Nouamane Lahlou has just launched a song entitled “Corona”, which carries many messages for Moroccans, and recommends that they show solidarity and mutual help in this crisis they are going through, just like the whole world.

The lyrics of this moving song were written by the poet Saïd Al-Moutawakkil. As for the composition, which is no less touching, it comes from Nouamane Lahlou himself, who is known for his commitment to the most important causes of his homeland and humanity. Meanwhile, the musical distribution of the new song is by Younes Al-Khazzan.

The song evokes the authentic values of Moroccans, which emerge in times of distress and crisis, and the solidarity that characterizes them in difficult times. This song conveys a feeling of hope, and reminds us that God, the Almighty, will cover all human beings with His Mercy. The song also expresses that the Corona epidemic is a lesson to be learned once the situation has subsided.

This song, the first work of art in Morocco and the Arab world, about the virus that has terrified the whole world, has been widely distributed on social networks; many artists and journalists have shared it on their own pages.

Nouamane Lahlou has many works of a committed nature to his credit. They deal with street children, the environment, water, heritage, etc. and include awareness-raising messages that speak highly of the great knowledge of this artist to whom Moroccans have great respect.

It should be noted that Nouamane Lahlou was about to give a concert at the Mohammed V Theatre, but because of the Coronavirus, this event was canceled.

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