The Smartphone Kills the Sexuality of Moroccans

The Sexual Health Department of the Sheikh Khalifa Ben Zayed International University Hospital in Casablanca conducted a survey on the impact of the smartphone on the sexual life of Moroccans. And the results are alarming to say the least.

The survey, which involved 600 married Casablanca people aged 20 to 60, found that 60% of Moroccan adults suffer from sexual problems because of the use of their smartphones in bed. 50.4% of respondents, 2/3 of whom are aged 20 to 45, are dissatisfied with their sex life, the survey points out, mentioning that a Moroccan under 40 years of age visits his smartphone on average 117 times a day. 35% complain of a decrease in sexual desire, we learn, and 92% admit to using their smartphones in bed.

The study also found that 11.5% of respondents suffer from severe erectile dysfunction, 20.4% from premature ejaculation and 20% from dyspareunia. In addition, half of the respondents say they are sexually uncomfortable because of the impact of the smartphone.

The survey also found that 84.1% of respondents with sexual problems never put their smartphones on airplane mode before going to bed at night.

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