Boutayeb: Hard Work, Perfection and Meeting Deadlines Is my Secret to Success in America

In the new episode of Nayda in Hollywood, Simo Benbachir welcomed Mustapha Tarik Boutayeb, owner of one of the largest and most famous textile factories in Hollywood, who told Simo about his beginnings in this profession in France where he studied at the High School of Textiles and Sewing and graduated before having the extraordinary opportunity to work in a factory belonging to the famous French brand Yves Saint Laurent. He continued to work there for three years before deciding to emigrate to the United States.

In his interview with Simo, Boutayeb said that his path to success was not an easy one and that he had to work day and night to achieve the goal of dealing with American and international textile companies: “They trusted me because I offered them products at the required level. My recipe for success in the US is to work hard, be a perfectionist and meet delivery deadlines,” and continues, “Every day I try to innovate in order to develop my products. So, after working for various companies, I started working for myself and selling directly.”

Boutayeb is known for his distinguished collection of t-shirts that he sells to international brands. These t-shirts were highly appreciated at the biggest fashion show in Las Vegas in 2012.

Boutayeb’s shirts and collections are characterized by their comfortable and youthful appearance, just as they fit the atmosphere of California, which enjoys sunshine all year round.

Boutayeb is about to open a factory in Morocco, which will serve as an extension of his factory in the United States, where he has lived for almost 30 years, he said in an interview with Simo Benbachir.

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