Simo Benbachir Returns with a New Program about Successful African-Americans

Having been forced to stop his work due to the Coronavirus crisis which forced the confinement in several countries, including the United States, Simo Benbachir is back with a new program. This new show, entitled “Live from Hollywood”, aims to discover the success stories of people of African origin who are residing in the land of Uncle Sam.

The program first episode was broadcasted on the French channel “ubiznewstvom5” as well as on other African channels and social networks. It features interesting people who entrust Simo with their success stories in their field of work, setting an example for young people and future generations to follow.

Speaking about his show, Simo told the “Morocco Jewish Times” website: “I chose to focus on the success stories because they are full of positive energy and hope that is so much needed today, more than ever, especially in the current economic climate. By nature, I love success and I don’t accept anything less. I like to convey an important message to viewers, especially young people: hard work and perseverance can make every dream come true, and the people I host on the show are proof of that.”

Simo Benbachir has previously hosted successful Moroccans in a show called “Nayda in Hollywood” broadcast on 360.  This successful program was widely followed by the Moroccan audience. It allowed them to get to know Moroccans who started from scratch and yet managed to climb the ladder in their fields, using their talents and intelligence.”

Today, Simo decides to turn his focus to Africa, with the aim of projecting the continent in a totally different image of what American society stereotypes, by welcoming people who have made a success of their lives in the United States. Simo’s shows are very successful, they attract a large number of views, especially because his audience likes his simple and spontaneous way of interviewing his guests. He gives them time to express themselves and talk about their careers, which reflects on the guests’ comfort level and makes the final product enjoyable to watch.

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