Cancer Treatment Petition Aims to Collect One Million Signatures

The petition calling for free treatment for cancer patients obtained 5,000 signatures, thus achieving the necessary quorum for its discussion in Parliament. However, many human rights and civil society activists hope to reach one million signatures, or at least 500,000, in order to have a greater impact.

The petition should be addressed to the Head of Government, calling for the establishment of a cancer fund, under which patients could be provided with free treatment and comprehensive health coverage for various types of cancer.

Born from an idea and an initiative of Omar Cherkaoui, professor of political science at the Faculty of Mohammédia, this petition has been widely approved by citizens both inside and outside the country. Thus, signatures were collected in other countries such as the United States of America, France, Switzerland, Canada, Italy, Spain and Ukraine, in addition to some Gulf countries such as Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates and Qatar.

The petition calls for the establishment of a fund financed by taxes, subsidies and various resources from public institutions or local authorities. The aim of this fund is to support patients so that they can cope with this disease, which is a serious blow to their physical and mental health. The petition proposes that this support should be generalized in such a way as to include all patients, without any conditions.

The idea of the petition was launched after numerous social media campaigns, led by patients, families, civil society actors, journalists and human rights activists, calling on the government to intervene to support cancer patients in Morocco, with the slogan “We do not want to die of cancer. Give us our right of free treatment”.

Many citizens from diverse backgrounds have fully endorsed these campaigns by supporting them with a similar campaign entitled “Let’s be their hope”.

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