Extension of the Deadline for Signing the Petition on Cancer Treatment

In response to the wishes of many Moroccans, living in Morocco or abroad, who have not yet been able to sign the petition calling for the establishment of a fund dedicated to the fight against cancer, it was decided to extend the deadline for collecting signatures, in order to allow more people to join the movement, even though the number of signatories required for the petition to be presented to the Head of Government has already been exceeded.

Indeed, on an initiative by the political science professor Omar Cherkaoui, this petition has received the approval of many Moroccans who have reacted positively to it, particularly after having launched the idea on Facebook. It consists of asking the government to create a special fund to provide cancer patients with the necessary care, free of charge and without any conditions. This fund would be financed through taxes and other resources from public institutions and local authorities.

Many artists, journalists and celebrities volunteered to promote the signing of the petition, through their pages on various social media, in particular Facebook and Instagram, under the hashtag “Let’s be their hope”, which was shared by many social network activists, as well as ordinary citizens, thus promoting broad citizen participation. Campaigns to collect signatures were also organized on the ground, as were visits to newspaper and radio headquarters.

It should be noted that many citizens took action in support of the petition, both in Morocco and abroad, where Moroccans residing in countries such as the United States, France, Switzerland, Canada, Italy, Spain, Ukraine, Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates and Qatar were keen to participate and collect signatures.

The petition calls for the amendment of the provisions of the Finance Act 2020 to mention the establishment of a fund to combat cancer, with the inclusion in the draft Finance Act 2021 of an article on this fund and its financing, including through taxes and regular contributions from voluntary donors, public institutions or local authorities.

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