Good News for Patients with Thyroid Conditions

As the first day of 2020 arrives, the Ministry of Health has announced good news for patients with thyroid disease. They now have a toll-free number to help them obtain Levothyrox. The number is which patients can call to obtain the drug, according to the ministry confirmed in a press release issued to the media.

By doing so, the Ministry of Health will have found a solution, though temporary, to resolve the crisis related to the unavailability of this drug in pharmacies and treatment centers, according to the statements of many patients as well as according to many media that have recently sounded the alarm about the impact of the lack of this drug on the health of patients.

Indeed, the shortage of this vital drug for patients with thyroid diseases has caused a real crisis since last August, before the Ministry began importing large quantities a few months ago. But these quantities were also quickly exhausted, as the people concerned rushed to buy several packs of it, for fear of running out again.

It should be noted that this drug, which is imported by the Merck Morocco laboratories, has recently given rise to a major crisis in France, following the recent change in its chemical composition, causing many complications and health problems for patients, which has led to great debate and controversy in France and other European countries.

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