Diam’s: “Ramadan Is a Great School for the Soul”

This Friday, April 24, marks the beginning of Ramadan in several Arab and Muslim countries. On this occasion, former French rapper Diam’s shared a tender message on social networks for Muslims around the world.

This year, the holy month of Ramadan promises to be very special for Muslims because of the Covid-19 pandemic. On Instagram, Melanie Georgiades, better known as Diam’s, shared a long and touching message wishing “a very good holy month of Ramadan to all her brothers and sisters in France and elsewhere.”

“Before, when I didn’t know Islam, I considered this practice (Ramadan) as a tradition, a cultural event. Since then I have discovered that it is above all an act of spiritual elevation. I have read several books on the subject and I have learned that, beyond the deprivation of food and drink between sunrise and sunset, Ramadan is a great school for the soul,” she says in her post on Instagram.

“One detaches oneself from food and the primal instincts to elevate one’s soul.”

The former rapper, who converted to Islam ten years after leaving the music business, also believes that “during this month, many believers come closer to God. One detaches oneself from food and primary instincts to lift up one’s soul. One remembers those who are hungry and have no food to rejoice in the evening. When we feel the hunger that the poor experience, we realize how much we are spared. So we try to translate these feelings of compassion into a gesture of mercy, a gesture to those who are suffering. We invite the one who is alone, we eat with him/her”.

The performer of “La boulette” concluded her moving message by explaining her change of life and the balance she has finally found: “Running in search of happiness, leaving and moving heaven and earth, looking for it in money, people, a career, fame, in love of others, in an ever more distant elsewhere, in ever stronger emotions. Then to say to oneself that he doesn’t exist, but to look for him anyway, always more eagerly, then sometimes to drown one’s despair in alcohol, drugs, medicine or other… In the end, to think that, since death is waiting for us, life has no meaning. Because if there is one certainty, it is that we are all going to die. When will we die? Only God knows… In our grave we’ll take nothing with us. No money, no car, no house, no children, no jewels, no clothes. Nothing.

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