“The Voice Kids”: Morocco in the Spotlight

Morocco managed to steal the spotlight in the second episode of “The Voice Kids”, broadcast on “MBC”, thanks in particular to the talent of the Moroccan Adam Ben Lamkaddem, who gave a marvelous rendition of the song “Nakr Lahssan”, arousing the admiration of the three coaches, Nancy Ajram, Mohammed Hamaki and Assi Al-Hillani. The latter praised the young singer’s voice and all expressed a desire to welcome him into their teams, before the latter opted for Coach Hamaki, who described him as an exceptional singer.

In the previous episode, the first one in the 3rd season, the 3 coaches were unanimously amazed by another Moroccan talent, namely Mohammed Ouakdid who performed a song that his grandfather liked to listen to, before dazzling the jury again by performing a song by Sabah Fakhri, and joining the Hamaki team.

The launch of the program was characterized by the quality of the participants in the two previous episodes in the “Blind Auditions” stage.

It should be remembered that it is the Moroccan Hamza Labied who won the title of the previous season of this program.

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