Will the Title of “The Voice” Be Won by a Moroccan?

Moroccan participants in the “The Voice”, a program broadcast on MBC, are about to win the title. After two participants, Redouane El-Asmar, from Samira Said’s team, and Fahd Makhtakir, from Mohamed Hamaki’s team, managed to qualify for the fifth season final of this international show in its Arabic version. Indeed, the public voted for them, as well as for Tunisian participant Mahdi Ayachi, from Ragheb Alama’s team and Imane Abdel Ghani from the Ahlam’s team.

During the last episode of the program, Radwan Al-Asmar performed a song from Moroccan folklore as well as Cheb Khaled’s “Didi” song, leading his coach Samira Said to praise him for his choice. The public corroborated the latter’s opinion since they voted for the Moroccan candidate, allowing him to qualify to the final.

For his part, Fahd Mokhtar opted for a combination of Western and Eastern song. These are Asmae Lamnawar’s song “Sabia” and Chaka Khan’s song “Ain’t Nobody”. Coach Mohammad Hamaki did not fail to highlight the quality of his performance until he obtained the highest score in his team and, as a result, qualified for the final.

With the launch of the penultimate episode of the program, which gets a strong audience within the Arab world as well as from Arabs residing abroad, the eight participants: Michel Chalhoub and Mahdi Ayachi of the Ragheb Alama team, Rabab Najed and Imane Abdel Ghani of the Ahlam team, Fahd Mokhtarher and Yaman Al Haj of the Hamaki team, Sanadi Latti and Radwan Al-Asmar of the Samira Said team, were preparing, not without concern, to perform on stage, as this will determine the identity of the finalists, with one person per team.

For their part, the four stars and coaches, Ragheb Alama, Ahlam, Mohamed Hamaki and Samira Said listened and were content to express their opinions about the participants’ performances, after having given them valuable advices throughout the qualifying period.

It should be recalled that Morocco has already won the title of the first season of “The Voice” thanks to the participant Mourad Bouriki. And it was during this same season that many Moroccan voices emerged and were later able to distinguish themselves on the Moroccan artistic scene. These include Mohamed Adli, Farid Ghannam, Lamia Al-Zaidi, etc.

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