Morocco’s Yahya El Brigui Continues his World Tour by Bike

The Moroccan globetrotter Yahia El Brigui arrived Tuesday in Dakar, the second stage country of a world tour project, by bike, which he started from the city of Sidi Slimane.

The young cyclist, who started on December 22, crossed Mauritania before reaching the Senegalese city of Saint-Louis, then Thies and the capital Dakar, which he then left for Gambia.

“Living together for peace between peoples” is the theme that the young globetrotter has chosen for this journey that he plans to accomplish in five years.

“Very attached to the sport of cycling, I have always dreamed of discovering the world through a great cycling trip,” he told MAP Yahia who decided to leave his teaching job, pack his bags and take his bike to make his dream come true.

“I am only in the 2nd month of the trip, but I can already share my great happiness to discover the beauty of my country, especially the splendid landscapes of our southern provinces, and to experience, both in Morocco, Mauritania and Senegal, the hospitality and warm welcome of the many people I met on my way,” he said.

On his journey, the globetrotter said he plans to follow the Atlantic coast to South Africa before going up the coast of the Indian Ocean to reach Ethiopia, then Egypt and, through Saudi Arabia, the Asian continent.

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