Because of the “Corona Virus”, Moroccans Are Stuck in China

Dozens of Moroccans currently in the Chinese city of Wuhan were surprised by the cancellation of their flights as they were about to return to Morocco. As a result, they have been stuck in this city, which has been quarantined, along with other nearby towns. The daily Al Akhbar reported in its weekend edition of 25 and 26 January that no trains or planes are supposed to leave the city, where more than a hundred Moroccan students are currently studying.

This decision, taken in order to effectively stop the spread of the virus, affects four other cities, with a total of 35 million inhabitants. In addition, all those who have visited any of these cities in the past three months are subject to strict medical examinations. According to the daily, Moroccans, like other foreign nationals, have complied with these measures. The daily also points out that most of the Moroccans concerned are students attending universities and higher institutes in Wuhan and some permanent residents.

In addition, the daily assures that no cases of infection have been recorded in the Moroccan community in China and no foreign nationals are among those who have died from the virus. To deal with the spread of the virus, the local authorities have also taken a series of drastic measures. They have made medical check-ups mandatory in neighboring areas and banned all human gatherings.

According to Al Akhbar, the virus has already claimed 26 lives and infected 830 people in China. More than a thousand people suspected of carrying the virus have been subjected to medical examinations.

According to the daily, the virus that broke out in Wuhan is a new type of Corona virus that can cause serious illnesses such as SRAS (severe acute respiratory syndrome). Returning to the situation of the Moroccans, the Moroccan embassy in Beijing announced that it is in continuous contact with the Chinese authorities and with the Moroccan community established in China to monitor the situation after the appearance of the new Corona virus in the city of Wuhan and other Chinese cities.

According to Al Akhbar, the embassy has thus called on members of the Moroccan community in China to be alert and to follow all preventive measures recommended by the authorities, bearing in mind that the World Health Organization has not yet qualified the situation as a health emergency. If they require consular assistance or additional information, Moroccans residing in China are invited to contact the Embassy by telephone, giving their passport number and address.

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