Russia Plans to Import Food Products from Morocco

Russia could import fruits, vegetables and seafood from Morocco and Turkey. The aim is to replace its imports from China because of the coronavirus.

“Vegetables, fruits and seafood are the basis of Chinese food exports to Russia. At the moment, the declining volumes of food products can easily be replaced by supplies from other countries, such as Morocco and Turkey,” Dmitry Vostrikov, head of the Russian Association of Food Manufacturers and Suppliers, told the local Russian news agency “TASS”, according to the Turkish news agency Anadolu.

According to Vostrikov, 453,000 tons of vegetables with a total value of $370 million were imported from China in the first 11 months of 2019.

Many countries have suspended imports from China as a reaction to the coronavirus outbreak, which has so far killed about 500 people and affected more than 20,000.

The virus, which originated in Wuhan, is believed to have been transmitted to humans by animals, particularly bats.

The coronavirus has sounded the alarm worldwide, with cases reported in Asia, Europe, the United States and Canada.

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