Mohammed El Youbi: “Mr. Coronavirus”

Many Moroccans did not know Mohamed El Youbi, the Director of Epidemiology at the Ministry of Health, and some had never heard of him. But today, he has become very famous, and citizens expect him from Tangier to El Gouira, every evening at 18.00, so that they can have live information on the number of infections, deaths and recoveries at the national level.

This shy man, who does not like to be in the spotlight, preferring to work in the shadows, never imagined that he would have to appear before Moroccans every day at a press conference, transmitted directly on social networks, and during which he would keep them informed of everything related to this epidemic that has shaken the daily lives of Moroccans, and whose name would be associated with his own, to the point that some of them have nicknamed him “Mr. Coronavirus”.

El Youbi was born in Fez into a conservative family. His father was known as one of the most eminent performers of Malhoun in the spiritual capital. Not having inherited his artistic talents, his children opted instead for medicine. Among them was Mohammed, who studied in Fez, where he obtained a baccalaureate at the Moulay Rachid high school, before going to Rabat to study medicine. After graduating, he began a career as a general practitioner, moving from one city to another among the most unfortunate. He then moved to France in the early 2000s to specialize in epidemiology, which enabled him to hold a number of important positions in the Ministry of Health, before being appointed head of the epidemiology department.

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