Laïla Ouachi: “Nearly 120 Candidates Will Be on the Starting Line, Including Many High-Level Sportswomen”

The town of Dakhla is hosting the sixth edition of the “Sahraouiya” from 8 to 15 February. About a hundred women of various nationalities and representing 50 women’s associations will be on the starting line. The president of the Dakhla Lagoon Association and initiator of the event, Laïla Ouachi, assured ” Le Matin” that the level of the competition will be very high due to the participation of many high-level sportswomen.

For the sixth year in a row, the pearl of the Moroccan Sahara, Dakhla, will see women from all over the world, as part of the “Sahraouiya”. A 100% female competition that combines sporting achievement, solidarity and surpassing oneself, against the backdrop of the magnificent natural landscapes of the Dakhla lagoon. On Wednesday, the organizers of this challenge held a press in Casablanca to shed light on the characteristics of this 2020 edition.

On the sidelines of this conference, the initiator of the event and president of the Dakhla Lagoon Association, Laïla Ouachi, assured “Le Matin” that this edition will see a greater participation, with many top-level sportswomen who should bring more spice to the competition. “This year, we have a larger participation, but due to logistical and security constraints, we will not exceed 120 participants. For this edition, we have a varied line-up, with confirmed sportswomen, such as Bouchra Bainanou, who has succeeded in the challenge of climbing the seven highest peaks in the world, or high-level sportswomen who have many challenges to their credit”.

Leïla Ouachi also confided to “Le Matin” that changes have been made to the circuit. “Particularly the Bootcamp has completely changed, then we thought of increasing the distances for orienteering and all that is Bike and Run. The course has also been modified”. Regarding the foreign participation, Ouachi said that 15 teams of various nationalities will be on the starting line. “We have 15 foreign teams this year, including two from Africa, in addition to five other teams composed of African students in Morocco. We also have Belgian-French teams, a Swiss team, four French teams”.

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