Mo Baala: A UFO in the Moroccan Artistic Landscape

The multidisciplinary artist, Mo Baala exhibits his latest works from February 4 to March 16, 2020, at the art gallery L’Atelier 21, in Casablanca. An exhibition that he has chosen to the name “Beginnings – بداÙات”.

It is in the heart of the souks of Taroudant, his city of heart, that he gets most of his artistic and creative inspiration through traditional arts and crafts from Morocco, Africa and elsewhere.

These sources of inspiration are as eclectic as the form his work takes, as Olivier Rachet explains. “Before painting and drawing, he gives shape to his poetic and fantastic universe by cutting out imaginary creatures from leather and textiles, half man, half insect, monsters as disturbing as they are familiar. A whole inner cosmology is then set in motion, gradually taking shape in contact with these dazzling colors and shapes”, says a press release.

Mo Baala has never specialized in any one art form. He goes from drawing to painting, using collages, sculpture and graffiti. He also creates installations that host his musical performances. He also explores the photographic medium, street art and action painting. Recycling, textiles, music and lyricism have a primordial place in his creations.

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