Abdellatif Wahbi: The Charisma and Eloquence

While many say Abdellatif Wahbi is originally from the Rif, relatives of the new general secretary of the Authenticity and Modernity Party, elected last Sunday at the head of this controversial party, say the father of the latter is from Taroudant, while his mother is from Driouech, near Al Hoceima.

Abdellatif Wahbi lives in Rabat, where he works as a lawyer. He is known for his firm positions and controversial media statements, especially after his candidacy for the general secretariat of the party. For example, he made a thunderous statement about the need to break with the period of instructions and to improve his relations with the Justice and Development Party, PAM’s sworn enemy, which Wahbi considered to be a national party like all the others, leading some of his critics to nickname him “the PJD’s representative in PAM”.

And while some people find his speech populist, others consider Abdellatif Wahbi, who is in his sixties, to be a skilled speaker of the caliber of great politicians. He grew up in the ranks of the left from his youth and learned a lot there. It was when big names from the Socialist Union of Popular Forces visited his family in Agadir.

Abdellatif Wahbi is a PAM deputy. He won the majority of votes in his stronghold, Taroudant, in 2011 and again in 2016. Not only because he is from this city, but also because of his charisma and his ability to argue and express his views frankly, getting himself into serious trouble within his own party. For example, his relations with the former Secretary General, Elias Al-Ammari, were so strained that he did not hesitate to resign in protest. His relations with Hakim Benchamach, also a former general secretary, were not good either.

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