Anti-Coronavirus Fund: The Contribution of Parliamentarians

Members of both Houses of Parliament announced on Tuesday that they have used their one-month allowances to support national efforts to combat the impact of the Coronavirus outbreak.

“At the initiative of the heads of groups and clusters and in coordination with the Presidents of both Houses, Habib El Malki and Hakim Benchamach, the offices of the two institutions have decided to commit themselves to national commitment to fight against the risks and repercussions of Covid-19”, according to a statement from both Houses.

This contribution is part of the Kingdom’s response to the repercussions of the disease, the same source said, noting that parliamentarians are inspired by the values of solidarity and mutual assistance that have always been the foundation of Moroccan society, which are enshrined in the Constitution.

“In addition to this contribution, the parliament is committed, in the name of national duty, to accompanying developments that arise in connection with the health situation”, the statement notes.

The two chambers also affirm that they have taken a series of measures to enable the legislative institution to continue to fullfil its constitutional missions, in line with international parliamentary practice in such circumstances and in accordance with the Royal High Directives.

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