First Tour for the Young Moroccan Cyclist who Joined the Israeli Team

The young Moroccan cyclist, El Mehdi Chokri, aged 23, tries to explain the reasons that led him to join the ranks of the Israel Cycling Academy (ICA), the only Israeli cycling team.

Chokri said he signed a contract with the Hebrew state team three months ago. This was through his former coach and former agent, Jean-Jacques Henri.

His decision, the young cyclist said, came after he had received no support from any party, despite holding several titles, both at national and continental level.

Moreover, according to him, the difficult situation of his family forced him to accept this proposal from the Israeli team, without any further consideration of the consequences that might arise from it.

However, he also added that he had received a communication from an official of the Royal Moroccan Cycling Federation, asking him about the details of the contract.

The cyclist stressed that he is ready to respect any decision made by the FRMC, while being obliged to provide for his family and also to evolve at higher levels.

El Mehdi Chokri, holder of the Gold Medal at the 2015 Arab Youth Road Championship, concluded that he has been very well received in his new team and that he has received all the support he lacked when he was part of the national cycling team.

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