Moroccan Students Repatriated from China Thank King Mohammed VI

Moroccan nationals repatriated from the Chinese city of Wuhan are doing well. This is the message conveyed this Monday by the Ministry of Health. They are currently under medical observation at the Sidi Said Hospital in Meknes.

The students were keen to thank King Mohammed VI for ordering their repatriation from China.

“Without the intervention of King Mohammed VI at the right time, a terrible disaster would have occurred,” said one of the students.

In addition, the students said they were repatriated from Wuhan under “good conditions”.

Note that the head of the division for the control of communicable diseases at the Ministry of Health, Abdelkrim Meziane Belfkih, assured on Monday that “all Moroccan nationals repatriated from the city of Wuhan enjoy good health”.

The 167 Moroccans, including Chinese-Moroccan couples, repatriated from Wuhan are currently under medical observation under the supervision of a national commission composed of the Ministry of Health, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, African Cooperation and Moroccans residing abroad, the Ministry of the Interior, military medical services and other agencies, Meziane Belfkih explained during a press briefing initiated by the embassy of the People’s Republic of China in Rabat.

The commission is working in collaboration with the families of returnees and will take a decision in the coming days regarding the lifting of the medical observation, stressing that this last measure has a preventive scope and aims to eliminate any possible risk of infection that could arise.

As a reminder, King Mohammed VI had ordered on 27 January the repatriation of the 100 Moroccan nationals, mainly students, in the Chinese province of Wuhan, who had been quarantined by the Chinese authorities because of the Coronavirus.

The Sovereign had also ordered that the necessary measures be taken with regard to air transport, appropriate airports and specific sanitary facilities.

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