Merger of Subsidiaries of Morocco’s Leading Pasta and Couscous Company

After a decade of strong growth which raised it to a leading position in the storage and processing of cereals with a turnover of 1.5 billion DH, The Dalia Food Group controlled by the Jamal Eddine family is now working on the consolidation of its subsidiaries and in particular the two entities with the most logistical and commercial potential for growth. Also, the governing bodies of this group, which started its activities in 1958 in the trade and distribution of agricultural raw materials, have just agreed to the merger-absorption operation between Dalia Grains and Dalia Comodex.

This merger resulted in the dissolution of Dalia Grains, a company created in 2009 to ensure the storage and transport of cereals and fertilizers and the correlative transfer of its net assets valued at MAD 43 million and coming mainly from silos and storage depots with a total capacity of about 100,000 tons, to Dalia Comodex, the largest subsidiary of the Jamal Eddine group with a turnover of nearly MAD 700 million in 2018. Located further down the group’s value chain, the absorbing entity has been operating since 2011 in the trading and distribution of cereals, animal feed and fertilizers. For several years now, this entity has been one of the Top 5 fertilizer distributors in Morocco.

It should be recalled that in addition to the two merged entities, J Holding (the holding company at the head of the Jamal Eddine group) has two other subsidiaries, namely :

– Dalia Corp which specializes in the first transformation of cereals with a crushing capacity of more than 400 tons per day for the flour mill and 180 tons per day for the semolina mill. This entity produces a very varied range of finished products such as Luxe flour, Fine semolina and Wholemeal flour.

– Dalia Food which deals with secondary processing and distribution, closing the group’s value chain. Starting from semolina, this structure mainly produces couscous and pasta with a production capacity of 20,000 tons/year for couscous and 43,000 tons/year for short and long pasta.

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