The Moroccan Film “Sofia” on the Program of an Israeli Film Festival in Jerusalem

It’s official. The Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs has announced the programming of the Moroccan film “Sofia” at the Film Festival to be held next week in Jerusalem.

The “Israel Speaks Arabic” website of the Israeli Foreign Ministry said Monday that a special “Quds in Al-Quds” week will be devoted to Middle Eastern cinema during which films from Arab countries, including Morocco, Syria, Algeria, Tunisia, Egypt and Sudan, will be screened.

According to the same source, quoted by the Arabic-speaking site, the festival, which aims to “create a cultural bridge between Israeli society and neighboring societies in the Middle East,” plans to screen the Moroccan film “Sofia” by Meryem Benm’barek.

This is not the first time that an Israeli festival has programmed the Moroccan film “Sofia”, which caused a big buzz at a film festival in Haifa two years ago.

The programming of Moroccan films in Israeli festivals had two years ago sparked a campaign in Morocco to ban academic and cultural activities in Israel, a campaign that was joined by writers, intellectuals and artists who severely criticized and accused of “cultural normalization” with Israel all those who accept the programming of their films in Israeli festivals.

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