British Investment in the Moroccan Agricultural Sector on the Rise

The agricultural sector is among the high value-added sectors in Morocco and provides a favorable environment for investment. For example, Development Partners International (DPI), a London-based private equity firm with a focus on Africa, is considering an acquisition in the Moroccan agricultural sector.

According to media sources, DPI is reportedly planning to acquire the majority of a business providing services related to the agricultural sector. Moreover, this will be done in return for an investment of more than MAD 500 million.

It should be recalled that DPI has more than MAD 1.5 billion in assets under management. In addition, it carries out operations in medium-sized and fast-growing African companies for amounts ranging from $40 million to $120 million. DPI manages two main funds, namely : African Development Partners I and II, has built a portfolio of some 20 companies in 29 African countries.

In Morocco, the private equity firm is present in the capital of five companies. The latter operate in the sectors of irrigation, bedding, modular construction, education and mineral exploration. This operation will be the British company’s sixth commitment in Morocco.

Indeed, DPI arrived in Morocco in 2011. The company has waited almost 5 years before embarking on a new Moroccan adventure. It restarted in 2018 with a $100 million ticket in CMGP, (Moroccan drip and pumping company). Thus, it bought out the shares of the Moamah family and Amethis Maghreb Fund I, the latter being the kingdom’s leader in the irrigation market.

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