The Most Famous Spanish Newspaper Comments on U.S. Recognition of Moroccan Sovereignty over its Sahara

The Spanish newspaper El Pais said on Friday that the U.S. decision to recognize Morocco’s sovereignty over its Sahara “officially ends the option of the self-determination referendum”.

El Pais wrote in an article entitled “A strong support from Trump for Morocco’s sovereignty over the Sahara”, that “President Donald Trump has taken a historic decision (…) constituting a radical change in Washington’s policy.”

The newspaper points out that “with this decision, Washington officially closes the option of the referendum of self-determination”. It indicates that the United States has also affirmed its support to the Moroccan proposal for autonomy for the southern provinces of the Kingdom.

In this regard, El Pais added that Washington has committed to opening a consulate in Dakhla. Given the fact that several other African and Arab countries have effectively established diplomatic representations in the southern cities of the Kingdom.

For its part, the Spanish news agency Efe said that the U.S. decision has enabled Morocco to obtain “diplomatic support” from world powers, indicating that the recognition of Washington is a crowning achievement to the process of support that Morocco has obtained in recent years in favor of its cause. 

HM King Mohammed VI had, on Thursday, a telephone conversation with Donald Trump, President of the United States. The US President informed HM King Mohammed VI of the decision of the United States to recognize, for the first time in their history, the full and complete sovereignty of the Kingdom over its Sahara.

In this context, with a view to the first realization of this important sovereign step, the United States has decided to open a consulate in Dakhla. This is primarily an economic consulate aimed at encouraging American investment and contributing to economic and social development. In particular, the consulate will benefit the inhabitants of the southern provinces.

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