The World Health Organization Warns against Rumors of “Corona”

The World Health Organization (WHO) has set aside a section of its official website for sharing a large number of details about the Corona virus, in order to combat rumors and misinformation about the virus, which are likely to cause further confusion and panic and hinder efforts to find a solution to contain the disease, which is spreading in many countries around the world.

The WHO has warned against the “news” circulating particularly in North African and Middle Eastern countries, claiming that the disease is linked to a US plot to eliminate the Chinese economy, and that it is a virus manufactured in CIA laboratories, has been transmitted to humans by bats or snakes, or is linked to a leak from a Chinese program relating to the biological weapons industry.

For his part, the spokesman for the Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs, in a video posted on the Internet, said that those who spread these allegations, whether maliciously or out of sheer ignorance, were disrupting the efforts of the Chinese people and international cooperation in their fight against the virus, adding that many international researchers and experts stressed that the allegations were devoid of any scientific basis.

Having said that, the American newspaper “Financial Times” had published a report mentioning that the Coronavirus was part of a Chinese biological weapons program, carried out at the Wuhan Institute of Virology, based in particular on a scientific article published by researchers in India, which spoke of a great similarity between Corona and HIV, whose genes had allegedly been introduced into the “manufacture” of the new virus.

The Lancet International Medical journal published a statement signed by 27 of the world’s leading health scientists, in which they expressed their support for their Chinese counterparts fighting the virus, condemning the conspiracy theory as to why the virus is spreading, adding that they have analyzed the genomes of the coronavirus and concluded that its origin is natural.

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