Hamada El Hilali: We Must Always Arm ourselves with Hope

In the new episode of his show, Nayda in Hollywood, the journalist Simo Benbachir hosted the Moroccan Hamada El Hilali, who arrived in the United States in 2008 to pursue his American dream of becoming an actor.

Hamada El Hilali told Simo about his football debut in Morocco, when he played for the FAR minor league team, then Ittihad Touarga and the Moroccan stadium, before meeting an American tourist in Rabat. Falling in love with each other, he traveled to America, where he married this woman, and now he has a child with her.

As for theater, Hamada El Hilali told Simo that he had been passionate about this art since he was young, just as he had written many short stories. Having registered in the United States on the sites of theater agencies, he will be chosen for several secondary, but nevertheless important and sensitive roles, according to him. His physical stature and athletic body helped him a lot in this.

He has had the opportunity to participate in short and feature films, the most important of which, according to him, is the film “The Immigrant,” in which he played the role of a Moroccan man who came to the United States in traditional costume in the hope of being welcomed by his cousin who lives in Minnesota. He was refused by his cousin, forcing him to seek housing with other immigrants. “It’s a comedy film,” he says.

As for his advice to Moroccans who want to succeed in the United States and make their dreams come true, El Hilali urges them to constantly arm themselves with hope: “Your luck will certainly come. You just have to prepare for it and work on it,” he said.

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