First Case of Coronavirus in Morocco: The Explanations of the Ministry

Prof. Khaled Ait Taleb reported that the Moroccan affected by the coronavirus was on board a plane carrying 104 passengers. At a press conference held on Tuesday in Rabat after the announcement of the first case of coronavirus in the Kingdom, the Ministry of Health assured that the friends and family of the person, in addition to the passengers on the plane, were tested and placed in isolation to limit the spread of the virus.

“All those who have been in contact with the affected person show no symptoms of the virus. Their temperature is checked twice a day. At the same time, the condition of the 39-year-old affected by the virus is stable,” explains the minister.

Ait Taleb also stressed that the infected Moroccan is 39 years old and lives in Bergamo, Italy. “He presented himself twice to the laboratory after feeling a certain fatigue. He underwent the necessary tests and was immediately transferred to Moulay Youssef Hospital when the results confirmed his contamination. He landed at Casablanca’s Mohammed V airport on 29 February and showed no symptoms,” the minister added.

It should be recalled that the state of health of the infected person is stable and does not generate any concerns, notes a statement from the ministry, noting that the patient is being followed up in the isolation unit at Moulay Youssef hospital in Casablanca, where he will be taken care of according to the health measures in force,” the same source noted.

The Ministry of Health will continue to communicate with the public and inform it of all new developments, as it has been doing since the emergence of this global health emergency, the statement concludes.

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