Coronavirus in Morocco: Will the Friday Prayer Be Canceled?

Following Monday’s announcement of the first case of coronavirus in Morocco, many Moroccans fear that the Friday prayer will be canceled, following a decision by the Ministry of Habous and Islamic Affairs, in order to limit the spread of the virus.

Contacted by Le Site info, Mohamed Abdelouahab Rafiqi, better known as Abou Hafs, said the decision is within the competence of the competent authorities. “The Moroccan authorities will assess the situation before taking any decision on this matter. If the holding of the Friday prayer represents a real risk for the population, the decision to cancel it is only logical,” the preacher said.

It should be recalled that the state of health of the infected person is stable and does not cause concern, notes a statement from the ministry, noting that the patient is being followed up in the isolation unit at Moulay Youssef Hospital in Casablanca where he will be taken care of according to the health measures in force,” the same source noted.

Immediately after receiving the results of the laboratory tests, a joint team of specialists from the national and regional public health emergency operations centers carried out investigations to identify a list of all persons who were in contact with the patient, to monitor their state of health and take preventive measures to prevent the spread of the virus, in accordance with national and international health safety standards.

The Ministry of Health will continue to communicate with the public and keep them informed of all new developments, as it has done since the emergence of this global health emergency, the statement concludes.

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