Coronavirus: the world’s first experimental treatment in Israel successfully completed

After the world’s first passive vaccine received yesterday by a critically ill patient, here is another treatment to stop the inflammation of the immune system caused by Covid-19.

The drug called Allostra first treats the cells of a healthy patient and then injects them into a positive carrier of the virus.
This technique has already been tried and tested for the treatment of septicaemia.

Yesterday (Wednesday), one fifth of the five seriously ill patients were able to return home after receiving an innovative treatment in the world’s first clinical trial of its kind.

The treatment of human cells in Hadassah was tried on corona patients who were hospitalized – The patients were released while they were healthy and negative for the virus – The drug – is based on cells donated by healthy people and is currently the world’s first clinical trial in patients

The five patients (2 of whom were in critical condition) were treated at Hadassah Ein Kerem Hospital in Jerusalem as part of a clinical trial developed at Hadassah with the biotechnology company Analybex Therapeutics. All five patients were discharged safely from the hospital after treatment.

The drug, called Allostra, was developed on the basis of research by Professor Dror Mevorach, head of the departments of internal and corona medicine at Hadassah. The drug has been successfully tried in the past in ten patients with septicaemia (sepsis), which is considered a serious disease that is currently incurable. The trial in Corona patients was conducted under the approval of the Helsinki Committee of the Ministry of Health.

“Alostra is indicated for the treatment of a wide range of cases in which there is hyperactivity of the immune system, which leads to an increase in the secretion of proteins by the cells of the immune system – called cytokines and causing a cytokine storm,” explained Professor Mevorach.

Its activity is carried out by processing cells taken from a healthy donor and then injecting them into the sick patient in order to slow down the inflammation or cytokine storm which is very harmful to patients.

Hadassah’s CEO, Professor Zeev Rothstein, praised the progress: “Despite the war around and parallel to the intensive preparations to absorb the growing number of difficult patients, Hadassah continues to innovate and lead the breakthroughs in the treatment of these corona patients and is pleased that a drug has developed in our hospital.

I hope that even those who have to do their part in the budget and cash flow of the hospital system in the country will finally wake up and help us help the public at this time. “

“We are pleased that patients in a difficult and critical condition have recovered thanks to the treatment with Allostra.”

Source: Alliance Mag

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