“Turkey and Morocco Are in the Top 5 Key Importers”: Russia Seeks to Replace Supplies from China

The coronavirus epidemic is impacting many sectors, including the economy. Deliveries of certain food products to Russia may now be made from Turkey and Morocco to replace those usually delivered from China. The representative of Rusprodsoyuz explains this possibility to Sputnik.

The Russian Association of Food Producers and Suppliers (Rusprodsoyuz) is currently examining the possibility of replacing seafood and vegetables usually imported from China with the same products but from Turkey or Morocco, according to the association’s representative Irina Nagaiceva.

Asked about the choice of country, especially Turkey and Morocco, she said they were preferred because “they are among the leading countries in terms of delivery of these products to Russia”.

“As far as vegetable imports are concerned, Turkey is in second place. The volume of supplies is 164 000 tonnes. …] For fruit imports, Turkey and Morocco are in the top 5 key importers along with China, Ecuador and Egypt,” she said.

Regarding deliveries from Morocco, she said that the volumes of citrus fruits imported could be increased.

Irina Nagaiceva pointed out that in the medium term Russia could face such challenges, but not right away.

What About Prices?

As regards prices with the change in the country of origin of some products, the representative of Rusprodsoyuz believes that these will not change too much, because “products from China, due to their territorial proximity, were mainly delivered to the market of the Russian Far Eastern Federal District”.

“There will thus be no significant change in most regions of Russia. The development of prices of substitutes for the Far Eastern Federal District will depend on a multitude of factors, the balance between demand and supply on the market, the cost of logistics, the policies of importing countries,” explained Irina Nagaiceva.

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