A Novel Predicted “Coronavirus” in 1981

Published in 1981 and having predicted the Coronavirus, the novel entitled “The Eye of Darkness” has just triggered a worldwide controversy on social networks, particularly following the widespread distribution of some fragments of this work of fiction.

Spread over 312 pages and written by the American Dean Koontz, this novel tells the story of a mother who investigates the death of her son. She discovers that he is alive, but quarantined in a secret military base after being infected with a chemical bacterium called “Wuhan-400”, in reference to the Chinese city where it was made. A human creation, this germ was developed by the Chinese in order to exterminate any potential enemy. It is this novel that consolidates the “conspiracy theory” that has spread throughout the world, which consists of saying that the virus escaped from a Chinese laboratory.

A passage in the novel states that: “The substance Wuhan-400 is so called because it was developed in a Chinese research laboratory near the town of Wuhan”. In another passage that was widely circulated on WhatsApp, it states: “Wuhan-400 is a bacteriological weapon; it only affects humans. Like Syphilis, this virus cannot live outside the human body for more than a minute. It can continually infect whole objects, places and spaces. »

But the strangest thing is that the novel also evokes the same symptoms of “Coronavirus”, which manifests itself in a feeling of dizziness and nausea, and that this virus is capable of spreading rapidly, decimating an entire country. However, other passages give the virus dissimilar characteristics of “Coronavirus”, such as the fact that it is 100% fatal or that its incubation period does not exceed 4 hours.

But despite the discrepancies between what is mentioned in this novel and the characteristics of Coronavirus, Internet users remain determined to link the two viruses and reject the hypothesis of pure coincidence between the two situations.

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  1. It’s means Chinese labalorty can prepare vaccine and medicine for it because they know how to create then it means they know how to stop that

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