Coronavirus Thieves: The National Security Denies the Fake News

The Directorate General of National Security (DGSN) on Thursday denied the content of messages disseminated via instant messaging applications and social networks, claiming, in a false way that affects the sense of security, the existence of criminal networks that impersonate doctors and nurses to commit criminal acts in the homes of citizens under the excuse that they are delegated by medical services specialized in the fight against the new Coronavirus.

In order to enlighten the national public opinion and eliminate the fears aroused by this kind of fake news, the DGSN emphasizes, in a statement, that its services established throughout the national territory have not observed or recorded any similar crime, adding that no Moroccan citizen or foreigner residing or tourist has filed a complaint about possible crimes committed according to this type of procedure.

The DGSN notes that its technical services had detected the dissemination of these publications and misleading messages on pages and social networks in several foreign countries, before they were subsequently disseminated in a deceptive and misleading manner on communication platforms at the national level.

After assuring that these were “baseless fake news”, the DGSN calls on all citizens not to give credibility to these rumors and information that affect the sense of security, noting that judicial investigations and technical expertise are continuing under the supervision of the competent public prosecutors’ offices, to identify and arrest anyone involved in the dissemination of these fake news that undermine the security of citizens.

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