After Italy, Morocco Closes its Borders with France, Spain and Algeria

The decision to close the borders between Morocco and Spain, taken Friday morning at 6:00 am because of the Coronavirus, has caused confusion among members of the Moroccan community residing in Spain, who were visiting Morocco. The latter found themselves stuck in the airports and the port of Tangier, without being able to leave the national territory.

After deciding to suspend flights to and from Italy, one of the outbreaks in the spread of the virus, and subsequently to close the sea and air borders with neighboring Spain, which has recorded high infection and mortality rates, in a short period of time, and also to close the Ceuta and Melilla crossing points, Morocco has just suspended all air and sea travel to and from France until further notice. This measure comes in the wake of consultations between HM King Mohammed VI and French President Emmanuel Macron, and the registration by France of significant infection and death rates.

In addition to Italy, France and Spain, Morocco has taken another precautionary measure by temporarily suspending air links with Algeria, although the latter has not recorded significant infection rates on its territory. This decision was taken jointly by the two countries, according to an official statement.

It should be recalled that many countries in different parts of the world have closed their borders, including the United States, which has suspended all flights to and from Europe, with the exception of Great Britain; a decision that has prompted critical reactions to Donald Trump. Many other countries have closed their borders with Iran.

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