Suspension of Courses in Morocco: The Ministry Gives More Details

Courses will be suspended from Monday 16 March until further notice in all private and public schools, educational and vocational training establishments and universities, announced the Ministry of National Education, Vocational Training, Higher Education and Scientific Research on Friday.

“This decision is part of the preventive measures aimed at stopping the spread of the ‘Covid-19’ Coronavirus, and is applicable to all public and private higher education institutions, training institutions for executives not belonging to universities, schools and language centers of foreign missions and private language and tutoring centers,” the ministry said in a statement.

The ministry said that “these are by no means exceptional school holidays, especially since the courses will be given at a distance to enable pupils to continue their studies while staying at home”.

The decision to suspend the courses is a preventive measure to protect the health of pupils, trainees, students, administrative and teaching staff working in educational establishments and all citizens, the ultimate aim being to combat the spread of the Coronavirus, which has been declared a global “pandemic” by the WHO (World Health Organization).

“In order to help address this exceptional situation, educational and administrative staff are called upon to invest effectively in the implementation of measures to be taken to ensure the continuity of courses by making available sufficient digital and audiovisual resources and teaching kits for the purposes of distance education and training for learners”, the source stresses.

The Ministry assures that it will ensure that the education, training and scientific research family, as well as learners, their parents and citizens, will be informed of all developments in this exceptional situation through all available channels.

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