Coronavirus: Are we Doing too much or not Enough?

If the world economy is strongly impacted by the Coronavirus, Morocco certainly bears the consequences. Not so long ago, a first case of Covid-19 was announced and at the same time, the cancellation of the next edition of the SIAM. Thus, we are not an exception in the world and we will have to be very cautious.

After the announcement of the second case and the bad news from Algeria (at least 19 confirmed cases), the government decided to ban the organization of sports and cultural events. This was enough to alert the population, but also to give the organizers headaches. Crans Montana, Salon Marocotel, opening of the Radisson Blu de Casa, Festival of Culture and Art in Doukkala… cancellations or postponements of events followed one after the other according to the instructions.

And then afterwards, flights to Europe and to several European countries were suspended. All schools were also closed. Question: Are we overdoing it?  Unlike countries like France, Morocco is at “stage 1” of the prevention phase against the virus. Suspected cases are increasing and the desertion of places such as certain sports halls, as well as the rush to the supermarkets, prove that citizens have indeed entered a so-called “psychosis” phase, fueled above all by the flow of information from all over the world, and in particular from France.

Too many or too few precautions… one thing is certain, the sector most affected will be tourism and efforts will have to be multiplied by 10 to avoid the crisis.

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