Coronavirus: Moroccans from Austria and Argentina, this Concerns you

The Moroccan embassy in Austria has set up a monitoring and support unit for members of the Moroccan community to follow the latest developments related to the spread of the Coronavirus in the country.

In this regard, telephone numbers and an e-mail have been set up to enable members of the Moroccan community established in Austria to contact the relevant services, said the Saturday statement from the embassy.

The diplomatic representation has, moreover, stressed that no infection with Coronavirus has been recorded to date among members of the Moroccan community residing in Austria.

The following are the telephone numbers and e-mail address available to members of the Moroccan community:

– The Moroccan embassy in Austria: 0043158866651

– Consulate of Morocco in Austria: 00436769596544

– Email: [email protected]

Also, the Embassy of the Kingdom in Argentina has created a monitoring unit for the Moroccan community to provide assistance and support to the members following the spread of the new Coronavirus in this South American country.

The Moroccan embassy in Buenos Aires, in a press release, assures, in a close follow-up of the developments related to the increase of the number of confirmed cases of Covid-19 in Argentina, one of the South American countries most affected by this epidemic.

Along these lines, the Embassy calls on all members of the Moroccan community in Argentina to take preventive measures to prevent the spread of the virus in accordance with the directives issued by the authorities of the host country.

The Moroccan representation also emphasizes that no case of Coronavirus has been registered among members of the Moroccan community, inviting them to contact the embassy in case of emergency on the telephone number 11 23257404.

Argentina, which has registered about 40 cases of the new Coronavirus, declared on Thursday the health emergency after confirming that it already had cases of local contamination.

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