Coronavirus: Blocked in Morocco, Vincent Cassel’s Sister Hollysiz Calls for Help

With more than 134,000 confirmed cases worldwide, the Coronavirus is forcing the governments of several countries to take exceptional measures. On Friday, March 13, Morocco, where seven patients with COVID-19 were identified and one death was recorded, announced the suspension of all its links to France, Spain and Algeria. The singer Hollysiz reacted to this news by launching an appeal for help on Instagram. “Many of us are blocked people in Morocco. The consulate is telling us to manage following the suspension of flights and your emergency number is unreachable,” wrote Vincent Cassel’s sister in a message to the French Embassy.

Hollysiz Is not Sure if she Will Be Able to Return to France

Two hours later, Cécile Cassel, her real name, said she found a flight from Casablanca on Sunday, March 15, thanks to the help of an employee of the airline Royal Air Maroc. “It seems that flights from Royal Air Maroc and Air France continue to leave until Sunday to France. To be checked. Good luck to all,” she told subscribers who were in the same situation. But the 37-year-old singer and actress is no longer certain she will be able to reach France by the end of the week. “I read all your messages. We’re leaving Casablanca tomorrow morning with a direct flight […] but since then we’ve been getting contradictory information and can’t find out whether the flight will leave,” she said on Saturday 14 March. Let’s wish her good luck!

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