Coronavirus: “Moroccan Consumers Should Stop Panicking”

A rush towards the large surfaces and the shops of proximity was observed since this Friday March 13. The Moroccans panic because of the Coronavirus and get supplies in mass. Hence a surge in prices, especially of food products.

“This price increase is normal. The consumer is directly responsible. The rush is unjustified, supermarkets and shops are not going to close and their stocks are not going to run out,” says Bouazza Kharrati.

He also stresses that gatherings in shops must be avoided as they increase the risk of contamination. 

He therefore calls on consumers to stop panicking and allow all citizens access to food. 

For his part, Ouadi Madih, President of the Uniconso Consumer Protection Association, said that “it is true that shop owners are taking advantage of this situation of panic and using it to their advantage. But the lack of consumer awareness plays a major role in the price increase.”

“Moroccans must stop panicking and buy only what they need, Morocco is not in a crisis situation,” adds the same source.

The consumer protection association is currently finalizing its action plan to deal with rising food prices, which mainly involves raising awareness among consumers as well as traders and suppliers.

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