Unbelievable: Pardoned in Morocco and Repatriated, a Tunisian Man Tries to Bring 4 kg of Drugs Back to Tunisia

The repatriation of Tunisians still stranded abroad continues. A Tunisair plane repatriated dozens of Tunisians who were stranded in Morocco the day before yesterday.

Among them were a number of former Tunisians held in Moroccan prisons, who were released last Sunday by Moroccan King Mohammed VI.

These Tunisians benefited from the pardon granted by the Moroccan sovereign to 5,654 detainees to prevent the spread of Coronavirus in Moroccan prisons.  

However, the most surprising thing is that one of the pardoned Tunisians, who suffers from a severe handicap forcing him to move around in a wheelchair, was arrested on his departure from Casablanca by Moroccan customs in possession of four kilograms of drugs.

The accused intended to take advantage of the relaxation of controls during these repatriation flights to bring this quantity of drugs back with him to Tunisia.  

Arrested and dispossessed of this drug, the accused was handed over to the crew, who in turn handed him over to the Tunisian authorities, who will take the necessary measures against him after the end of the mandatory quarantine period for all Tunisians returning from abroad.

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