Home Delivery Service to Fight Coronavirus

Glovo has announced the launch of a new home delivery service, which is intended to comply with WHO (World Health Organization) guidelines for the prevention of Coronavirus.

The new service, which is effective as of today, consists of delivering orders without the need to touch them. Customers will be able to receive their orders at the place of their choice, and to pay by credit card, without any hand contact. The company has also freed customers from having to sign after receiving orders.

This order delivery application, a pioneer in Morocco, specifies that all its employees and collaborators literally apply all health protection measures imposed by the authorities. All employees are equipped with gloves, masks and hand sterilizers, as well as being made aware on a daily basis about respecting the safety distance in force.

These measures, which help to limit direct contact between customers and all delivery staff, guarantee the delivery of orders in accordance with health and safety conditions, thus enabling customers to obtain their daily needs, while complying with the prevention campaign that encourages citizens to stay at home and avoid gatherings.

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