Joint Press Release of the Ministries of the Interior and Health

As part of the preventive measures taken to deal with the exceptional situation linked to the risk of the spread of the Coronavirus at national level, new measures have been adopted, thus making it possible to strengthen the monitoring system put in place since the appearance of this virus.

In this respect, and following on from the measures announced earlier, the public authorities call on citizens to restrict and limit their movements, while respecting “sanitary isolation” in their homes, as a vital preventive measure at this sensitive stage when limiting the spread of the virus is essential.

For example, movement in public spaces should be motivated by shopping, health care and work. Local authorities and public forces will work to make these measures operational and to ensure that they are respected by citizens, in the interests of the Moroccan people.

In order to reassure citizens about the pressing needs of daily life, it should be stressed that there is no reason to be concerned about the level of supply, since the necessary measures have been taken by the bodies concerned to ensure the normal functioning of all modes of distribution of raw materials and food, fuel and other vital products that are available in sufficient quantities in shops and commercial spaces throughout the national territory.

It should be recalled that the rules of hygiene and physical safety announced by the health authorities must be observed.

Citizens who present certain symptoms associated with this virus are obliged to go exclusively to the health centers designated to treat this type of infection.

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